Palace Resort On-Site Rental Management

Palace Resort on-site rental management company protects your investment 365 days a year. You can rest easy when you are in the hands of Palace Resort, the trusted on-site rental management company with over 25 years of service.

We look forward to welcoming you into our rental family here at Palace Resort! Please contact Miki McGreevy, our dedicated Rental Program Specialist for further information.Miki McGreevy, Rental Program Specialist

Looking to make a new reservation or have questions about our resort? Contact our front desk team at (800) 334-1397

Why Palace Resort on-site rental management?


Palace Resort will provide you with:

  • Exceptional on-site services for your guest, including our fully staffed front-desk and dedicated guest services team, top-notch maintenance staff and thorough housekeeping.
  • Personalized care for your investment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • The ability to handle any issue, big or small, so your unit can be kept in tip-top shape
  • We do all the things to make Palace Resort the best place on the beach, including an easily accessible golf and entertainment department.
  • Your emergencies are our emergencies too and we give them immediate attention as your on-site agent!


Our dedicated homeowner representative will provide you with:

  • Direct communications through email, phone and text messaging, giving you peace of mind for your investment.
  • Whatever you may need, providing personal assistance throughout the year.
  • Ongoing support for your investment from understanding statements, to regular inspections for your unit and beyond.
  • Securing and protecting your investment during emergencies and natural disasters including pertinent communication and on-site management before, during and after.
  • We work hand-in-hand with your homeowners’ association to provide important updates concerning public spaces that may impact you and your guests.


Palace Resort will provide you with:

  • Maximized revenue through our comprehensive, all-encompassing revenue management program.
  • Exposure to revenue-producing group travel through our dedicated group sales team.
  • Our state-of-the-art call center, increasing your return on investment through proven methods and years of experience.
  • The strongest marketing exposure on the Grand Strand, reaching valuable guests at a growing rate.
  • Substantial marketing budget, creating conversions through social media, travel sites, influencer marketing, search engines, brand partnerships, email marketing, direct mail, display advertising and beyond.


We will provide you with:

  • Full handling of all compliance-related matters, in accordance with changing laws and regulations.
  • Collection and remittance of state and local taxes.
  • A dedicated accounting team with years of experience, backed by proven software and secure operating systems.
  • Monthly statements for your investment and year-end statement to help you prepare your taxes.
  • We promptly escrow your unit’s revenue, to ensure your money is protected and available.


By joining Palace Resort’s on-site rental management company you will become part of the Vacation Myrtle Beach group, one of the largest resort groups in the Myrtle Beach area. Vacation Myrtle Beach offers over 40 years of rental management experience that is leveraged on behalf of our owners to successfully operate in a competitive market. With our vast experience in the rental management field and our strength in the Myrtle Beach market, we recognize both the excitement and challenge for an individual who owns a vacation property. We are proud to offer a wide variety of services to each and every owner on our rental management program.

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